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Act Now to Save Klickitat Salmon and Steelhead

by John Larison   |  October 3rd, 2011 3

If you want to join the fight to save native steelhead and salmon–especially if you want to help the Columbia River, our nation’s premiere yet most troubled steelhead/salmon fishery–please take 2 minutes to add your voice to this important fight.

Currently, the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and the Yakama Klickitat Fisheries Project (YKFP) are seeking to expand a very dangerous hatchery program on the famed Klickitat River, a tributary that joins the Columbia not far from the Deschutes.  We have until Oct 10th to make our voices heard–or the BPA and YKFP will succeed in enacting a major increase in hatchery operations on the imperiled Klickitat, a river renowned for its especially large and hard-charging wild steelhead.

Please visit and complete the letter at the bottom of the page.  Then, consider contacting your friends and requesting they do the same.

The precedent is clear: when anglers–especially out of state anglers–stand up and hold local regulators accountable, we can make a real difference for native steelhead and salmon.  We only have until Oct. 10th to make our voices heard.

Let’s win this fight.  The future of Klickitat salmon and steelhead depends on it.



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