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Perfect Fly

A Solid Foundation Builds the Perfect Fly

by Charlie Craven 0

Fly tying, like fly fishing itself, is loaded with infinitesimal details. I’m convinced that’s why it attracts all of us…. more »

Mercer's Missing Link

Mercer’s Missing Link

by Mike Mercer 0

Missing Link: That fly pattern which links together common features of many different insects, and insect life cycles, making it… more »

Predator Scandi

Tying the Predator Scandi

by Charlie Craven 0

Greg Senyo seems to be everywhere these days. He runs a guide service called Steelhead Alley Outfitters out of Holland,… more »


Tying the Hell Razor Craw

by Charlie Craven 0

There are very few gaps in my fly arsenal. I have boxes of flies for every stage of every insect… more »


Two Bit Stone

by Charlie Craven 0

It’s always a good idea to have a plan and, indeed, I had a great plan in mind when I… more »

Oliver White ties his arapaima flies with Owner Aki 8/0 hooks. Jim Klug photo

Big Flies for (Really) Big Fish

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Tying arapaima flies with Oliver White and guide Shun Alvin When I came back from Guyana and showed friends and… more »


World’s Top 13 Pike Flies

by Matt Straw 10

Pike live in a green chiaroscuro. Their own green coloration adds to the effect while hiding them perfectly. Pike, therefore,… more »

Tweaking the Adams Fly

Tweaking the Adams Fly

by Charlie Craven 0

To me, one of the most compelling things about tying flies is that no matter how long you’ve done it… more »

Dry-Fly Hackle

Neat Vertical Dry-Fly Hackle every time

by Charlie Craven 0

I often say that fly tying is merely a vast collection of techniques. There are so many, it’s difficult to… more »


Understanding Thread Sizing, Construction, and Materials

by Charlie Craven 0

There is a lot of good information about fly tying out there. Between books, magazines, and the Internet, there is… more »

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