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Monofilament Weed Guard By Charlie Craven

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  April 29th, 2014 1
Screen shot from Warmwater Fly Tying with Charlie Craven monofilament weed guard

Screen shot from Warmwater Fly Tying with Charlie Craven

A good monofilament weed guard helps your popper, diver, or slider work through weed beds, water lily, and cattails where the big bass, pike, and muskies wait in ambush. Charlie Craven prefers two general types of monofilament weedguards: the two-pronged, angled deflector, and for even heavier salad business, the looped Hard Mono weed guard (shown in the video excerpt below).

Charlie shows how to tie both types in the new Warmwater Fly Tying DVD from FLY FISHERMAN, as well as detailed instruction on the Gartside Gurgler, Barr’s Meat Whistle, Lance Egan’s Headstand, Craven’s own Gonga, and the Dahlberg Diver where Craven uses the two-prong weedguard.


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