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Switch Rods On The Shoreline

by Diana Rudolph   |  February 1st, 2010 0

Switch Rods

Although most anglers gravitate toward single-handed rods for saltwater flyfishing, shoreline switch rods have their place on beaches as well. Don’t hang your waders up when the tide is high and smothering the shore, grab a switch rod. When rock walls, bluffs, cliffs and trees hinder your backcast, a switch rod is the perfect choice.

Switch rods are less than 12 feet long and available in line weights 4-8. I have been using the 5 weight, 11’9” SAGE TCX for sea run cutthroat in Puget Sound and having a blast. They are great fun to cast, extremely versatile and perfectly practical for fishing from the beach. Long casts, check; Little or no backcast room, check; Light and responsive, check; Line management and control, check.

Go check one out on your beach today!

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