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Whisky Drinkers, Drink Good Whisky, Support a Great Cause

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  April 25th, 2012 1

WhiskyHow does drinking whisky help the environment? Well, it doesn’t. But every time someone uploads a fishing photo and 100-word description to the Speyburn Facebook page ( the company will donate $1 to American Rivers. Each month, one fish tale will be selected for a $50 Orvis gift card. The overall winner of the contest receives an Orvis gift card for $500.

Speyburn single malt Scotch whisky is distilled in the Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands which has a long standing connection to conservation, fishing and the great outdoors. Today, Speyburn continues to use the time-honored traditional distillation method that was first used near the banks of the River Spey in 1897.

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