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Project Permit: Permit Tagging for Study

by Bruce Chard   |  August 31st, 2011 3

Project permit

The Bonefish Tarpon Trust has joined with Costa Sunglasses to form a multiyear research and tagging program for the elusive permit in the state of Florida. Costa has donated enough funds to keep program running for first 4 years.  The program is called Project Permit and will make available 6000 tags state wide.

The catch and recapture data will help inform permit waters in the state of Florida. Myself along with many other fishing guides in the Florida Keys are currently tagging permit on a regular basis. You can help too by simply learning more about Project Permit–Spread the word!

·      How to correctly place spaghetti tag into a permit

·      Sign up for a Permit tagging kit

·      Learn more about BTT





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