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Z-Pole Wading Staff

by Fly Fisherman   |  January 24th, 2012 0

Z-Pole Wading StaffBlack Diamond Z-Pole trekking poles have long been admired by hikers, backpackers, and mountaineers for their light weight, strength, and above all, fast deployment. Orvis recognized these strengths and partnered with Black Diamond to create the Z-Pole Wading Staff ($100,, a 16-ounce wading staff that is 16.5 inches long when collapsed and stores in a Neoprene, belt-mounted holster. The three-section aluminum staff has a single-button release to collapse the staff, and an inner cord with silicone connectors for quick and easy setup whenever you need a third leg. The staff comes with two tips—a durable nonscratching rubber tip for hiking and stealthy approaches, and a carbide tip for ice, slick boulders, and other difficult surfaces. The grip is made from comfortable high-density foam, and the staff adjusts from 47″ to 55″ to fit most fly fishers.

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