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Best Smallmouth Bass Flies

by Ben Romans   |  May 2nd, 2014 0

Best Smallmouth Bass FliesIt’s hard not to get excited about smallmouth bass. They’re abundant—nearly every state in the lower 48 has at least one public smallmouth resource. They’re structure-orientated fish that are easy to locate. Textbook hangouts like weed lines, rocky outcroppings, logjams, and other rip-rap typically hold fish.

But one of the best things about smallmouth bass is their aggressive nature—they’re almost always willing to capitalize on an easy meal whether it’s above and below the water’s surface. Once hooked, they put on quite a show, filled with short, powerful runs and acrobatic jumps. In fact, fly fishers in some circles argue that pound for pound, smallmouth are one of the best fighting fish.

Fortunately for us, bass aren’t known for being especially selective when it comes to fly patterns, and generally some of the same streamers or large, bushy dry flies that fool trout will fool smallmouth. But some patterns do work better than others. Here is a brief list of best smallmouth bass flies available today with some insight on pattern design, presentation, and other motives for carrying a few the next time you get the itch for bronzebacks on the fly.

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