Shooting Line with Control

Captain Joel Dickey is a full time Florida Keys flats guide and has some great input on shooting and controlling line while presenting to a fish in the salt. Check it out!

One habit that I notice many of my salt water anglers have in common is losing control of the fly line when shooting and presenting their fly to a fish. I understand, anglers are trying to get every bit of much needed distance they can out of there cast. Many times anglers are trying to get that extra inch of distance they can by fully releasing the fly line from there line hand when shooting and presenting the fly.

Here are the main drawbacks from lack of line control while shooting fly line when presenting the fly.

    • Lose control of your fly line hindering your ability to be accurate
    • Creates slack that needs to be maintained immediately upon completed presentation
    • Takes time that you don't have to regain control of the free flowing line hindering your ability to strip immediately if needed
    • Loose line can end up wrapping or getting tangled around your reel seat or stripping guides

So the next time you are in your yard practicing your target casting, practice forming a circle with your index finger and your thumb around the fly line that you are shooting. With this action you will be able to contain the line with your line hand and have complete control at all time. Maintaining complete fly line control at all times will help reduce frustration and increase your odds of a great fly presentation.

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