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Fly Fisherman's 2023 Father's Day Gift Guide

Creative and practical Father's Day Gifts for the fisherman dad.

Fly Fisherman's 2023 Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is a great time to show your appreciation for the men who cultivated our collective passions for fly fishing. From apparel to accessories, we've got you covered with everything your dad needs to make his next fishing trip even better. So take a look and find the perfect gift to show him how much you care.

Orvis PRO Approach Hikers

A wading boot underwater.
$229 |

Orvis’s new PRO Approach Hikers may have answered many a prayer of backcountry fly anglers. These dual-purpose boots were designed for both hiking and wet wading.

They come with a built-in zippered gravel guard over a lace-up interior. This provides bonus ankle support for hiking on rocky trails or slippery river rocks, while the snug fit keeps gravel out. It’s like a zippered wading shell welded around a laced hiking boot.

They offer a Gore-Tex membrane for waterproof protection and are backed by Orvis's lifetime warranty.

The Orvis PRO Approach Hikers are a great gift for any father who loves to fish and hike, or hike to fish.  

$229 |

YETI Stackable Ramblers

Yeti Lowball Rambler with sugar around rim and fruit being squeezed into drink, on picnic table

This new edition of the YETI Rambler 10-ounce Lowball introduces stacking ability, which saves space in crowded campers and keeps kitchen cupboards free. Their double-walled vacuum insulation makes them great for dad's post-fishing Scotch or his beat-the-boat-ramp-rush coffee.

Like the entire Rambler Drinkware Family from YETI, the Lowball and included Magslider Lid are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. While the magnet adds an additional barrier of protection to keep drinks hot or cold, this magnet slider is not leakproof and will not prevent spills.

Help dad enjoy his fireside whiskey with these classy ramblers. 

Available in charcoal, black, navy, seafoam, white and stainless steel.

$20 |

Patagonia Stealth Pack 30L Backpack

A fly angler in a box canyon with Patagonia Disperser Roll-Top Pack 40L backpack.
$189 |

The Patagonia Stealth Pack 30L backpack is a great gift for any father who loves to be outdoors. It is a durable, water-resistant backpack that is perfect for carrying all of his gear on a hike, fishing trip, or camping adventure.


The Stealth Pack is made with recycled materials and features a variety of pockets and compartments to keep all of his gear organized and secure. It also has a padded back and shoulder straps for comfort and a breathable mesh panel to keep him cool.

The Stealth Pack is available in a variety of colors to suit his style and is backed by Patagonia's Ironclad Guarantee. If he is not happy with the pack for any reason, he can return it for a full refund.

$189 |

Simms Captains Cap

Studio photo of Simms Captains Cap
$30 |

This classic hat is designed to provide sun protection, comfort, and style on the water. This retro-logo baseball cap will get dad nostalgic for the good-old days of taking the tykes fishing and introducing a love for the great outdoors. 

Pair the Simms Captains Cap with a pair of Costa Mainsail polarized sunglasses for the ultimate Father's Day gift. Your dad will appreciate the added protection and clarity when out on the water.

If dad's not an avid fly angler but likes to chase bass and walleye with spinning tackle, Simms makes plenty of logoed shirts and hoodies that cater to this crowd as well. 

Available in three colors and one size. Crown fit: Medium. 

$30 |

Costa Mainsail Sunglasses

Studio photo of Costa Mainsail S
$262 |

Costa's Mainsail frames are the perfect choice for all of dad's on and off-water activities. Whether he's lounging on the beach, navigating the open sea, or stalking spring-creek browns, these frames are built to meet his standards for quality and functionality.

“Our new hybrid category is our most versatile. It has it all, water-ready performance and a stylish, modern design,” says John Acosta, Costa Sunglasses Vice President of Marketing NA. “We took the performance features that Costa is famous for and added them to a more relaxed frame shape that is equally comfortable and durable on any adventure.”

Equipped with micro side shields and hooding, the frames effectively block out excess light, while improved Hydrolite™ grips on the temples keep them securely in place. The eyewire drains and channels ensure that sweat and water are kept away from your eyes, making them ideal for all-day wear. Stylish and versatile, the Mainsail frames are the perfect choice for any adventure, both on land and water.

Available in three frame colors and two lens materials (glass and polycarbonate/plastic).

$262 |

G.Loomis IMX-PRO V2 Fly Rod

A studio photo of the G.Loomis IMX PRO V2 fly rod
$595 |

The G.Loomis IMX-PRO V2 Fly Rod is the perfect gift to make his day even more special. It is one of the best fly rods on the market, thanks to its superior construction, sensitivity, and performance. It's lightweight, easy to handle, and designed to give your dad a superior fly fishing experience.

The IMX PRO V2 features a Conduit Core blank that provides increased strength and durability, while the GL7 resin system enhances sensitivity and responsiveness. The rod is also available in a variety of lengths and weights to suit any angler's needs.

G.Loomis's IMX PRO V2 fly rod is a great value for the price and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

If you're looking for a gift that your dad will love and appreciate, the G. Loomis IMX PRO V2 Fly Rod might be the perfect choice. 

$595 |

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Textured Fly Line

Studio photo of Scientific Anglers Amplitude Textured Tropical/Jungle Titan
$130 |

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Textured Fly Line is a great gift for any fly fisherman, especially for Father's Day. It is a high-performance line that is designed to improve casting distance, accuracy, and presentation. The line is made with a proprietary textured coating that helps to reduce wind knots and improve line control. It is also built with a durable construction that can withstand the rigors of fly fishing.

The Amplitude Textured Fly Line is available in a variety of fly-fishing applications from trout fishing to bass, steelhead, dorado, tarpon, and more, so you can find the perfect line for your father's needs. It is also available in a variety of colors, so you can find a line that matches his style:

  • Infinity
  • MPX
  • Double Taper
  • Trout
  • Trout Standard
  • Anadro Indicator
  • Bass Bug
  • Infinity Salt
  • Tropical/Jungle Titan
  • Grand Slam
  • Bonefish
  • Tarpon
  • Big Water Taper

If your father is a serious fly fisherman, then he will appreciate the performance and durability of the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Textured Fly Line. It is a great gift that he will use and enjoy for years to come.

$130 |

Lew's Custom Lite Shallow Spool Baitcast Reel

Studio photo of Lew's Custom Lite Shallow Spool Baitcast Reel
$300 |

For the dad who also gets after fish with spinning gear, consider Lew's Custom Lite Shallow Spool Baitcast Reel. It is a superb tool for finesse anglers looking for ultimate casting distance and control. This top-of-the-line baitcasting reel is designed to handle finesse crankbaits, small topwaters, and lightweight soft plastics with ease.

Equipped with a premium QuietCast® Adjustable Centrifugal Braking system, the Custom Lite SS allows for precise adjustments to be made to the braking system, which ensures accurate casting at all times. The innovative free spool rotation design also provides exceptional casting distance, making it easier to target fish in even the most challenging of locations.

$300 |

Lakes Rivers Streams Playing Cards

Lakes Rivers Streams playing cards splayed out on a table
$15 |

One of the coolest new fly-fishing products is not a rod, reel, terminal tackle, or even apparel. It’s Lakes Rivers Streams beautifully illustrated playing cards. These cards have kings, queens, jacks, and jokers toting fly rods, nets, polarized shades, and holding everything from brown trout to muskie to redfish, tarpon and permit. The cards are printed on Casino grade, 310 GSM coated linen stock.

Lakes Rivers Streams also offers prints and apparel. (Shop owners/managers are encouraged to contact to discuss wholesale rates.)

$15 |

Abel Fly Reel with Casey Underwood Engraving

Abel Super Series with Mayfly Flurry Casey Underwood engraving
(shown here with the Mayfly Flurry finish on a now-discontinued Super Series reel) $700-$1,345 (depending on customization) |

Abel Reels' Underwood Finishes are a series of custom reels engraved with the fly-fishing art of Casey Underwood. Each reel is individually laser engraved and then put through a proprietary polishing/texturizing process. These beautiful finishes are available on a variety of Abel reel models, and they come with a Base Price + $225 premium on gloss black, or + $350 on any solid color gloss finish reel.

There are several different Underwood Finishes available:

  • Cruising Carp
  • Cutty Feast
  • GT Frenzy
  • High Country Cuts
  • Red Dawn
  • Tailing Bones
  • Timber Smallies
  • Moondance
  • Ridge Risers
  • Last Light
  • Mayfly Flurry
  • Slammin'
  • On the Hunt

Available in Abel's Rove, TR, SDF, SDS, and Vaya models. 

If your father is a serious angler, then he will appreciate the craftsmanship and performance of an Abel Reel. And with an Underwood Finish, he can show off his unique style on the water.

$700-$1,345 (depending on customization) |

Skwala Fusion Snap Shirt

A man buttoning up his Skwala snap shirt.
$229 |

The Skwala Fusion Snap Shirt is a high-quality, functional shirt that any fly fisherdad would appreciate. It is made with 40 grams of Toray® 3DEFX+™ insulation, which provides just the right amount of warmth for cool days on the water. The shirt also features highly articulated sleeves and gusseted armpits, which allow for full range of motion. It has two chest pockets with quick snap fasteners/buttons for gear storage, and two insulated side pockets for hand warming.

Dad will love this stylish, comfortable, and cozy button-up fishing shirt. Available in two colors and four sizes. 

$229 |

Grundens Gear Hauler 50L Tote Bag

Grundens Gear Hauler Tote on a dock next to a YETI cooler.
$100 |

The Grundens Gear Hauler 50L Tote Bag could be the perfect gift for dad this year. This bag is a durable, waterproof tote that can carry all the essentials for any fishing trip or outdoor adventure.

This heavy-dute tote has a zippered storage pocket and several external tie down anchor points.

Consider filling the bag with some new fishing gear, like a Scientific Anglers fly line, Abel reel, NRS PFD, cigar box, Lake Rivers Streams playing cards, a fly box full of his favorite bugs, or anything else he could use. He'll appreciate the thought you put into picking out his favorite fishing gear.

Available in three colors. 

$100 |

Nick Mayer Sea Run Brown Trout Hand-Signed Print

A painting of a sea-run brown trout.
$99 |

If you're looking for a unique and meaningful gift, look no further than Nick Mayer Art's fine art prints. Nick Mayer is a talented artist who specializes in creating beautiful and detailed paintings of fish prints. In particular, Mayer's new sea-run brown trout print is hard to beat.

According to Mayer: "The painting used to make these prints was a private commission of a beautiful specimen from the Norwegian fjords. There are healthy populations of brown trout living there in the saltwater and they have a beautiful subtle bluish-purple shine to them."

All of Nick Mayer Art's prints are of the highest quality, printed on archival paper and signed by the artist himself. They would make a beautiful addition to any home or office and are sure to be cherished for years to come.

$99 |

Big Sky Cigar Co. Madison Cigar Box

Studio photo of Big Sky Cigar Co's Madison Cigar Box
$195 |

This premium cigar boasts a tantalizing blend of flavors, including notes of cedar, earth, cinnamon, and crushed red pepper. The 6.25X52 (6.25" length x 52/64" diameter) toro (large) size offers a full, satisfying smoking experience that will transport dad to the lush fields of Nicaragua. Hand-crafted at the renowned Tacasa factory by the skilled hands of Cuban American Master Blender, Carlos Sanchez, this Medium + Toro features long fillers from Jalapa, Condega, Esteli, and the volcanic island of Ometepe, all bound with San Andreas and wrapped in an oily Habano wrapper.

Give dad the gift of pure indulgence with the Madison Cigar Box.

$195 |

NRS Chinook Fishing PFD

Studio photo of NRS Chinook Fishing PFD
$160 |

The NRS Chinook Fishing PFD is a gift idea that dads will surely appreciate.

The NRS Chinook Fishing PFD is made of durable and comfortable materials that make it perfect for long hours of fishing. The vest is designed with a mesh lower back to keep your dad cool and comfortable, and the front pockets are large enough to hold all the necessary fishing gear.

Additionally, the NRS Chinook Fishing PFD features multiple attachment points and loops for various accessories, such as pliers, nippers, and other fishing tools. This means that your dad can keep all his fishing gear organized and easily accessible while out on the water.

Available in three colors and four sizes.

$160 |

Riversmith Swiftcast Raft Rod Tubes

A Riversmith Swiftcast raft rod holder with rod and reel being lifted out.
Rods comfortably sit reel-up in the Swiftcast. (Image courtesy of Riversmith)

Unless your dad is Bob Vila or Ron Swanson, his raft’s homemade rod tubes are probably less than ideal. Which is why dad will be stoked to unwrap Riversmith’s new Swiftcast Rod Holders, which were smartly designed specifically for protecting fly rods on fishing rafts.

Swiftcasts are simple to install–you just need an Allen wrench and maybe a half hour (and it's a great way to spend time together). They can be installed on the inside or outside of the oar tower, or two on the same side. The open end can face the bow or the stern, so that either angler can access the rods (or both, if you get two).

A young angler standing beside a fishing raft.
Riversmith Swiftcast raft rod holders wrap around virtually any raft's bow or stern (note that the orange pipe clip tabs should go inside of the pipe to prevent kicks–whoopsie). (Joshua Bergan photo)

Bring dad's raft one step closer to having drift-boat comfort with the Riversmith Swiftcasts.

$350 |

A Six-Pack of Sweetwater Lager

A Sweetwater Lager tap handle that mimics a fly rod and reel.
IBUs: 20 | ABV: 4.5%

Out West, we have what we call “float beers” (also known as “river beers”). A float beer is not overwhelming taste-wise and has a low alcohol by volume (ABV). This prevents both his mind and body from swimming so dad can focus on fishing.

Meet the latest of these brews: Sweetwater Brewing Company’s Lager. Not nearly as sharp as some lagers, these straightforward suds allow for effortless all-day imbibing. It’s crisp, smooth, and fresh with spicy and floral hop notes. Dad can sip on the Lager all day while casting from the bow of a drift boat, or he can have a couple at the bar after fishing.

And you can take pride in drinking beer from a brewery that supports trout and conservation. In case Sweetwater is not distributed to your area, there are plenty of other beers and breweries that support trout, rivers, and/or conservation that your dad will love: 

  • Troegs Independent Brewing
  • Bozeman Brewing Company's Gallatin Pale Ale
  • Heirloom Rustic Ales
  • Upslope Brewing Company
  • Victory Brewing Company
  • Lewis & Clark Brewing Co's Big Hole River Blonde
  • Wicked Weed Brewing's Appalachia Session IPA
  • Great Lakes Brewing Company's Burning River Pale Ale
  • Alaskan Brewing Company
  • Odell Brewing Company
  • Schilling Beer Co.
  • Greenbriar Brewing Co.
  • Fish Brewing Company
  • Ninkasi Brewing Co.
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
  • New Belgium Brewing Company
  • Deschutes Brewery Co.

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